An Interactive Lesson Design Project

Interactive Lesson Design Project:
Teachers design a lesson or an educational unit using Minecraft Education Edition, which supports simulation, play-based learning, enhances 21st century skills and the STEAM methodology in a virtual environment that gives the student a safe space for creativity and innovation. Teachers produce a video to explain the project, then the lesson is uploaded to the competition website in preparation for showcasing the projects in the Digital Lesson Library to enrich the online digital educational content.

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Minecraft Education Edition App from Microsoft

:Technology Used

Minecraft Education Edition using Python and programming blocks

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Madrasati Codes 2 Competition Guide
Madrasati Codes 2 Teacher Guide
Judging criteria _An Interactive educational lesson design project
1- Sign up to enter the competition in the teachers’ track during the registration period on the competition website on the following link.

2- Download the latest version of Minecraft Education Edition, and log in through your Madrasati account.
3- Join the self-learning path to be a certified Minecraft teacher.
4- Review the sample lessons related to the syllabus.
5- Design your lesson and achieve the learning objectives with gamification education strategies via the following steps:
-Design the virtual world (characters, backgrounds, places..)
- Design lesson content and levels.
-Write the lesson scenario
-Write the code to run the lesson.
- Create audio-visual effects within the lesson.
7- Produce a video showing the lesson and student interaction.
8- Upload the video and the interactive lesson to the competition website.
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All K-12 teachers in public schools, private schools, international schools and Saudi schools abroad.
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You can register for the Minecraft Learning Path course
In addition to checking out the supporting instructional videos available.
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By visiting the following link
Then choose the operating system for your device, (Windows), (Chromebook), (Mac), or (iPad), as shown in the image below.
The included videos provide a step-by-step tutorial on how to download and install.
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Check your device and operating system to make sure that it supports Minecraft Education Edition.
- Minecraft Education Edition does not work on smartphone devices.
- Minecraft Education Edition Works on:
1. Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7.
2. Mac version (High Sierra 10.13) and above.
3. Chromebook (OS 83) and above.
4. iPad (iOS 10) and above.
For further issues contact tech support on the following number 19996
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Make sure your Madrasati account is activated.
Make sure you use your correct Madrasati username and password, not your personal Minecraft game password.
Make sure you are using the correct version of Minecraft Education Edition
Make sure you are logging into Minecraft EDUCATION Edition, not another Minecraft Game Edition.
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None, you can start with a new world or use one of the provided worlds as a template to start with.
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Yes, you can participate individually or in team with a maximum of 3 teachers.
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It does not currently exist, but some lessons have been provided in Arabic.
Programming must be in English.
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- JavaScript.
- Python.
- Microsoft MakeCode Blocks.
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Yes, it can be used by teachers in all subjects and disciplines, having a coding background is not required.
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Yes, Minecraft Education Edition can be used in Science and Chemistry lessons by using the virtual chemistry lab that provides a safe environment. It also can be used to facilitate Physics, Geology, and Social Studies lessons where we can utilize the landscape and and bodies of water, and soil to simulate the real environment.
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We recommend using the creative mode because in this mode the player has access to an infinite amount of available blocks and items in the inventory. Players are also not subject to end-of-life in the game, as well as many non-survival features such as flight.
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There are many tools, including the Camera, the Book, the Book & Quill, the Portfolio, and the Blackboards available in three sizes (Slate - Poster - Board).
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Integrating ICT into education.
- Play-based learning strategy (STEAM)
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Please see the attachment.
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