1- Sign up to enter the competition in the students track during the registration period on the competition website on the following link.
2- Download the latest version of Minecraft Education Edition, and log in through your Madrasati account.
3- Complete the online course (Introduction to programming using Minecraft)
4- Download the special Minecraft world for the city of NEOM,
5- Design your engineering project in the city of NEOM, according to the following steps:
- Create a project scenario.
- Create the characters of the project.
- Design the project landmarks.
- Create audio and visual effects.
- Write the code used in the design project.
6- Produce a video explaining the project.
7- Upload the project and the video to the competition website during the project upload period. This step will also qualify you to participate in the international Minecraft competition in the future.
مشاهدة كافة الاسئلة المتعلقة بAn Innovative Engineering Design Project Neom City project launching from Diriyah Gate